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You would like to improve your English and get to know its country of origin? Choose a language stay in England! Through daily contact with native speakers you will learn quite easily, that’s why it is always best to learn a language where it is spoken. On a language-learning holiday you will get a close look at British culture as well!

Study English in England

England is a very popular destination for language trips. Visit the capital London and take a picture in front of the Tower Bridge or visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Explore old university towns like Oxford or Cambridge or small cosy towns like Warwick. A trip to mysterious Stoneghenge or the fascinating Eden Project in Cornwall is in any case recommendable. Discover on a language-learning holiday in England cliff coasts and sandy beaches, moors and impressive mountain landscapes with deep lakes. Dive into British culture und learn a lot about customs and traditions like left-hand traffic and afternoon tea. In cosy pubs you can get in contact easily with native speakers und try local ales.

Pick a suitable language school from a variety of English language schools in England at Lingoschools.com. Come back home with great pictures, new friends, unforgettable memories and a thorough knowledge of English!


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