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Berlin is not only the capital of Germany but also the secret capital of Europe. It is a place where different cultures merge into one manifold new culture, and this is why Berlin is a popular destination for travelers of all ages. Especially immigrants found that there is no more attractive place in Germany to make a fresh start. The city is a fantastic example for integration and multiculturalism. But despite all aspects, the language often becomes a problem due to the fact that German is not a language which is easy to learn. However, it is not difficult to find a language school Berlin. There are various types of Berlin language schools and language courses offered in Berlin, where people from all countries of the world can learn German.

Study German in Berlin

Berlin has the largest population size in Germany with 3.4 million inhabitants and is the second largest city in the European Union. Additionally, Berlin covers an area of 892 square meters, which makes it the largest city in Germany. These points by themselves show that it is worth to choose language courses Berlin if you want to study German in Germany. Alongside the large population size and the fact that Berlin is Germanys capital, the economic strength of Berlin speaks for a language course Berlin at a language school Berlin. Although Germany is not a large nation regarding its area – in comparison: Russia is 47 times as large-, Germany forms the largest economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. Consequently, the German language is one of the most important languages of the world economy. In addition, Germany is the land of „poets and thinkers“. Therefore, scientists such as Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud, composers such as Ludwig van Beethoven and Richard Wagner or philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche and Immanuel Kant, they all thought, researched and composed in German.

Tourist attractions you don’t want to miss!

Berlin is a real fascinating place for tourists. Every year millions of tourists are attracted by the German capital. As a result, more than 25 million over night stays and more than 100 million day visitors are counted per year. This way, Berlin takes its place alongside London and Paris, and advanced to be one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe! Festivals such as “Berlin Midsommar Festival“, “Berlin, Beats & Boats“, “Berlin International Film Festival“ and many more attract a great number of tourists. Besides the festivals, major events such as the Berlin Marathon and the Champions League Finale form an integral part of the Berlin cityscape. Also nostalgic-minded tourists who are interested in the former GDR will find fascinating places to visit. Moreover, the city offers an incredible variety of nightclubs, bars and restaurants such as “AVENUE Berlin“ in the Berlin-Mitte district or the “Matrix Club Berlin“ in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg where you can dance the night away on 356 nights a year. More tourist attractions such as the Bundestag, the Brandenburg Gate (Brandeburger Tor), the Bellevue Palace (Schloss Bellevue), the Berlin TV Tower (Berliner Fernsehturm, which by the way is the tallest structure in Germany) and many more can be found in Germany. And as if that enormous amount of possible activities and attractions in Berlin were not enough, you can find numerous museums such as the “Pergamon Museum“ or the “ViennaSphere“, and a multitude of theaters.

So what are you waiting for?

The question is no longer if you should visit Berlin but when to visit this captivating city?! There is so much to see and to discover! Whether you want to dive into all the diverse cultures, which over the years formed a new special Berlin culture, experience all the attractions and events or you just want to enjoy a vibrant nightlife... Berlin welcomes you with arms wide open. Of course you can get along with English in Berlin but if your are interested in the German language and you want to understand the Germans with all their facets or you want to achieve further fluency, just register with one of the various language schools Berlin and sign up for a language course Berlin to improve your German language skills.

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