General Terms and Conditions STAXITE Reisen GmbH

These terms and conditions are agreed upon between the travel participant issuing the binding booking (hereinafter referred to as "travel participant") and the tour operator STAXITE Reisen GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "tour operator"). They compliment the statutory provisions applicable to the travel contract according to the German BGB law §§ 651a et seq.

§1 Scope

(1) These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") apply to all offers and all representations listed on the website
(2) On the basis of these terms and conditions, the tour operator offers touristic accommodation and travel packages.
(3) The travel agent assigns the travel contract on behalf of all travelers to the group. He is sole contractor of the tour operator upon confirmation of the booking order. In particular, the travel agent issuing the booking confirms that he / she performs for all the rights and obligations arising from the travel contract for himself and all other travel participants.

§2 Contract conclusion

(1) The conclusion of the travel contract does not require any specific form.
(2) Upon receipt of the booking, the tour operator confirms the receipt of the order by e-mail. This acknowledgment of receipt does not constitute confirmation of the acceptance of the contract.
(3) The travel participant is bound to the booking request sent by him seven days after receipt of the confirmation of receipt.
(4) The tour operator immediately checks the availability of the required travel services upon receipt of the booking order. If the services are available as booked, the tour operator confirms the travel services electronically to the travel participant. A binding travel contract is hereby established between the travel participant and the organizer. (5) The rights and obligations for the travel participant and the travel organizer arise, insofar as non-compulsory statutory provisions conflict, from the agreements concluded in individual cases according to the type and extent of the booking contract, as well as from the legal regulations according to §§ 651a et seq. BGB.

§3 Contract requirements of the tour operator

The contractually agreed performance obligation of the travel agent against the travel participant includes the advice on the requested travel services, their booking and the orderly performance of the booked services. Shortly before travel, the travel participant receives an email with all important details about the booked services (travel documents). (2) The travel participant authorizes the tour operator to deviate from the reservation requirements insofar as he / she can assume that the travel participant would approve this deviation, and provided that the tour operator was not able to notify the travel participant in good time of the And to ask for its decision.
(3) The information and notes on the travel services and offers listed on have been compiled to the best of our knowledge, printing errors in the description of the services and in particular the prices are expressly reserved and communicated immediately to the travel participant. The tour operator is liable within the framework of the legal regulations and regulations for the correct selection of the information source and the correct forwarding to the travel participant. The tour operator accepts no liability or guarantees for the travel success.

§5 Obligations of the travel agent in connection with visa applications and entry requirements

The organizer undertakes to inform nationals of a state of the European Union where the travel is offered about the provisions of passport, visa and Health regulations before the conclusion of the contract as well as any changes to them prior to travel. (2) In the absence of any specific information from the travel participant, the tour operator may assume that the travel participant and all accompanying passengers are German nationals and that there are no special characteristics, such as dual citizenship or statelessness.
(3) Current sources of information and information services and information services provided by tourist offices, consulates or foreign offices are provided as sources of information for issuing information on visa applications and entry requirementsSions. There is no further investigation. The travel organizer can also fulfill his obligation to inform the travel participant about the possibilities of obtaining information at suitable places. (4) The travel organizer is not liable for any damage to the travel or resulting damages resulting from a delayed or unsuccessful issuance of the visa or other potentially necessary travel documents of the travel participant and his fellow travelers.

§6 Obligations of the travel agent in connection with insurance services

(1) Travel agent does not include travel cancellation insurance (RRV) or travel cancellation insurance. If the participant withdraws from the trip before traveling, cancellation costs will be incurred. Additional travel costs may be incurred for travel cancellation. The organizer recommends the conclusion of appropriate insurance.

(2) A further obligation on the part of the tour operator in connection with insurance services exists only if this has been expressly agreed with the travel participant.

§7 Payment, reimbursement of expenses, remuneration & dunning costs

A deposit on the travel price Prior to traveling, the insurer is only required to issue the guarantee certificate in accordance with § 651 k para. 3 BGB (German Civil Code). However, if a trip does not take more than 24 hours, if it does not include an overnight stay and the travel price does not exceed EUR 75 per person, the full travel price may also be requested without delivery of a security deposit.
(2) The travel participant is obligated to pay 20% of the travel price (maximum 250, - EUR per person) for all passengers according to the confirmation / invoice sent to him / her by e-mail (if necessary, after receipt of the security deposit). The deposit must be paid in full within 7 days of receipt of the booking confirmation / invoice. After the deposit has been paid, the amount of the advance shall be adjusted accordingly to the new travel price.
(3) The remaining travel costs minus the already paid deposit must be paid to the following account no later than 4 weeks prior to departure:

Bank account

Credit institution: Commerzbank Offenbach am Main
Account owner: STAXITE Reisen

IBAN: DE59 5054 0028 0422 2899 00

(5) If the traveler fails to make payments despite his due date, the organizer reserves the right to levy a dunning fee of € 7.50 for the second reminder. The travel participant reserves the right to prove that the organizer has incurred a minor loss.

§8 Rebookings / Travel Cancellation

(1) The travel participant can at any time after conclusion of the travel contract Decide to make a transfer and choose other services instead of the originally booked travel services. The tour organizer checks in each individual case whether there is a cancellation fee for the originally booked services due to the cancellation of the service providers. If no cancellation charges are charged by the service providers, the travel agent will charge a change of booking fee of € 100.00 up to 30 days before arrival. Short term bookings may result in higher transfer fees. Especially for package bookings and packages incl. Accommodation, a transfer fee may be higher, the exact fee can be requested by the tour operator at any time with the organizer.
(2) The travel participant is entitled to withdraw from the travel contract concluded with the tour operator at any time. The travel organizer may demand compensation for a cancellation of the journey. The cancellation fees are based on the total travel price of all travel participants.
(3) For the calculation of the cancellation fees, the following reimbursement cancellations shall be deemed agreed upon. The calculation of these charges includes any expenses saved and the otherwise possible use of the travel service.

• Up to 30 days prior to departure, 10% of the travel price will be charged for cancellations.
• Cancellation of travel between 29 and 24 days prior to travel: 25% of the travel price
• Cancellation of travel between 15 and 10 days before travel: 50% of the travel price
• Cancellation of travel between 9 and 4 Days before travel: 75% of the travel price
• Cancellation of the trip from 3 days prior to the trip: 90% of the travel price
• Cancellation of the trip on the day of the travel: 100% of the travel price minus the saved own expense

(4) Alternatively, the travel participant may, up to 4 days prior to arrival, provide a substitute participant who fully complies with the rights and obligations stipulated in the travel contract. The tour organizer may object to the entry of this substitute participant if the latter does not meet the special travel requirements or if his / her attendance is contrary to legal or official regulations. If a substitute participant enters the travel contract, he / she is liable to the tour operator as jointly and severally liable for the travel price and any additional costs arising as a result of his entry into the travel contract. (5) The travel participant shall reserve the right to prove that the tour operator has incurred a lesser loss than is calculated in the cancellation according to the above conditions or that no damage or impairment has occurred at all.
(6) The travel organizer reserves the right to prove that he has incurred a higher loss than is calculated in the cancellation according to the above conditions. These additional costs will be charged to the travel participant, if applicable.
(7) In case the student has applied for a visa and the visa is denied, the cancellation fee is 50% of the travel price. The rejection must be documented in the form of an official confirmation and the presentation of the original invitation letter.

Last updated: October 2016